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Your complex business processes are generating enourmous data, big data. To create meaningful information out of it, that is your challenge - and in a simple fashion, which everyone does understand. And fast and with low cost. To be able to run and steer the business sucessfully.

We, 2opus discover together with you the potential - and use it for your benefit. Our rich experiences and deep knowledge of business processes are the foundation for excellent solutions.




Dronco News

„Qlikview allowed us to reach best interoprability amongst the network of our databases. At the same time we developed quickly a Sales Information Application, which our sales people enthused and adopted it easily, because it is self explaining, has an zero wait experience and broad interactive analysis capabilities.“

Andreas Siller, Finance Manager, DRONCO AG


M&C News

"We purchased QlikView from 2opus, which is surprisingly easy to handle and allowed us to improve our reporting and analysis applications. The high quality consultancy supported  a quick and efficient implementation.“

Michael Schramm, CFO, M&C TechGroup Germany


Coda Connector 2.1 available

The Coda Cconnector 2.1 has been published.  On top of the Financial Analysis the connector has been extended with Dashboards and indirect Cash Flow analysis.

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High user acceptance level

Docs / SupportHow to achieve a high user acceptance.

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The end of the end user

Easy to startHow do you connect your operational business processes with the required information.

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Important BI rules

Native RTL SupportImportant rules to follow to achieve successful BI implementations.


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