C2PC CODA to People Connector

C2PC CODA to People Connector

The first step to leverage Connection Intelligence is to connect the CODA raw data with the Finance people. This will be achieved by transforming the transactional CODA data into the Qlik Associative Model. As CODA customers are using the fantastic element structure in different ways, we have built a comprehensive mapping algorithm to get first results quickly. This leads to Standard Data Analytics APPs, available for Financials and Assets just in hours of configuration.

C2PC Connector Basics - Financials

The Coda engine is a very fast transaction engine. Fast and efficient posting of transactions, validated, always balancing and fast retrieval of business transactions, filtered by any means.
To use the associative analysis of Qlik it requires a thoughtful Qlik Data Model and a connection method to realise quickly the benefits of the Coda elements and the flexible assets description fields usage at clients.
The CODA Database holds 190 tables. Most of these tables have been adopted into the Qlik Model.

The most important tables are:

C2PC APPs - Financials

After configuration according to your CODA setup, many APPs are ready to be used straight away.

C2PC APPs - Assets

The CODA Fixed Assets has a standard structure and is therefore easy to connect to Qlik Sense.
The user fields are mapped against some standards and are easy to configure as well.
However, besides the standard “reporting” it is comfortable to analyse the assets in regard to:

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