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We provide a full range of services and develop solutions for your FinTech business together with our Partner Hotovo. High Profile team members on our end are ready to serve and help with your software development activities. We have in depth knowledge of the financial service industry, acquiring. Proven success records of projects for FinTech industry.

We cover

  • Integration of (acquiring) business with general ledger, sub ledger
  • Process knowledge and solutions
  • Billing
  • Matching / reconciling
  • Processing, grouping, aggregation, currency conversion for payout
  • Payout of merchants in various standards and currencies
  • Generation and distribution of acquiring related documentation for merchants
  • Accounting
  • Requirements – Solution Design – Development – QA – Commissioning – Maintenance
  • Agile and Waterfall
  • International and local

E2E processes!

team members

  • International
  • German and English
  • Flexible, small teams
  • Experienced and well-rehearsed team, minimum set-up time
  • Fast sourcing
  • Variable contracting

Processes defined and in place!

Our Team

High Profile team members on our end are ready to serve and help with your software development activities.

Doors Fintech

Business Experts - with Consultants

  • Process driven
  • Experienced and experts in all finance functions
  • Deep understanding of all finance related business processes in general
  • In depth knowledge of various industries, e.g. financial services, insurance, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, logistics etc.
  • World wide
  • Experienced to work as a distributed team and with remote stakeholders
  • In “Card” functions – aggregation and payment processing, contribution, cashflow
  • BI -Analysis

Project Managers

  • Project Management overall or on specific tasks
  • Managing our team
  • Offer to manage the whole project

Requirements Analysis

  • “User” language driven
  • Transform to IT
  • Process documentation
  • Working with your ready requirements (e.g. inhouse business analyst) or fetch the requirements from all stakeholders (based on defined goal by sponsor). As well as anything in between.
  • Requirements will be documented and reviewed with stakeholders.


  • Design of the target business process
  • Design of business solution
  • Design of technical architecture
  • Solution design for software development

Development Management

  • Prepare stories and tasks
  • Organise sprints
  • Fetch required input data for development from 3rd party systems and stakeholders
  • Verify results/output with stakeholders


  • Experienced in JAVA .NET, Python and Mobile
  • Cloud, AWS Solutions, conventional, stateless, or special
  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop apps
  • Best practise and state of the art


  • Verify developed solution adheres to requirements and solution design
  • Ensure all acceptance criteria are met
  • Multi level test concepts
  • Implementation of automated tests
  • Mocking concepts
  • Parallel version control

Quality Management

  • QA in each process
  • QM with follow up
  • Decision board
  • Reporting Risk Matrix
  • RACI

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