Consulting in Application Software, with focus on ERP and BI, are the core tasks we are performing. Rich project experience and knowledge of the processes and the software being used, are the basis of successful implementations and/or transformations.

But excellent consulting requires more than that. Curiosity, passion and reliability are key ingredients. That drives us.

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation requires a profound understanding of the effects on the vast opportunities to automatism, to smooth process for the good of all participants. To put the proper tools into place, always the processes in mind.

Know how

CODA / Unit4
Financials expert

Deep Unit4 Financials and Unit4 Assets application know how has been gained in many implementations over the last decades. Our consultants are all senior and regarded as best of class in the European Coda / Unit4 community.

Large international or complex German local implementations, we maintain and improve constantly our customer base.

Unit4 Financials
Financials Implementation
Financial Intelligence


Based on many success stories, focus on banking, insurance, retail, transportation and logistics, our consultants create business solutions with a high degree of financial intelligence. May it be on used paths or finding new regions of usage withing the software applications in use.

Fast, reliable, self service

BI Business Intelligence Implementation

Data is the new gold. Meanwhile already an old statement but yet true. By implementing a state of the art analytics tool, we are supporting our customers to get the most of their data. Fast, reliable, self service BI is what you can expect with Qlik as an in memory technology and CODA2People connector developed by 2opus.

Business Intelligence
Connection Intelligence
The journey

Connection Intelligence Architects

Our BI expertise doesn’t end with financial data. It’s about a journey which just has started. Qlik Sense offers the most standard connectors, SQL, Oracle, Facebook, REST and many many others. Therefore we already implemented different solutions where data from all different company corners are connected.

Get rolling

Interwouven Explorer

This consulting role is a very new one. Data literacy within processes, combined with business goals and management strategies and people are challenges, which is needed to interwouv all these parts. Our consultants need the best counterpart at the customer site to get rolling.

Interwouven Explorer

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