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What do we do

We have been engaged since the beginning of CODA, in 1990, today called Unit4 Financials. We operate in Germany, Europe and Worldwide. We have successfully implemented CODA internationally in many different industries and all kind of company sizes. We extended our Financial expertise with Business Intelligence in 2012. Our Business Intelligence offerings are based on Qlik products which we love. Read more….

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Who we are

We are a team of curious and outgoing consultants with more than 100 years’ of experience of CODA and Qlik implementations! But we are not product freaks only. Our expertise lies in the knowledge of accounting processes and software applications. The emphasis is on the “and”. We bundle this “and “into concepts like Connected Intelligence and Continuous Accounting. Read more….

Connection Intelligence​

It is not about nice bar and pie charts, colorful tachometers and heat maps, it is about how to get the connection between the vast amount of business data to the individual. How to connect the associated data with the people trying to understand, to explore to analyse to make things easier and better. Be it the simple analysis why assets depreciation seems to linger up to why the product sales in an large enterprise are developing unexpected or keep trace of specific strategic measurements as marketing cost vs product sales. And then it becomes part of the management strategies. It allows to adopt to new situations quickly, it is always “on”, it leads to actionable insights. Further on the decision velocity increases.

Our Products

We use Best of Class products, developed by key players in their markets. This is the foundation for extraordinary solutions for our customers.

Loesungen Qlik–activeintelligence

Qlik – Sense

With Qlik as our BI software partner, we found a software provider by which the opportunity of finding quick answers, having a better perspective and receiving better BI results are truly possible.

Loesungen Unit4–financialintelligence

CODA Unit4 – Financials

Unit4 Financials – before CODA – the Financial Intelligence is already implemented. The basis of Continuous Accounting. And the fundament for a permanent, structuralized analysis-platform.

Loesungen Unit4 Fp&a

Financial Planning Software

What is the point of Financial Intelligence, strategic BI without budget figures? Not much. Therefore, with the manufacturer FP&A we have an excellent supplement to complete strategic accounting.

Loesungen Serralaalevate

Alevate Cash App

Digitalisation starts with atomizing the Bank statements.

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