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Strategic Accounting

The challenge is to develop a strategic component regarding a Continuous Accounting, which includes an entire BI strategy to improve the financial management and controlling sector continuously. In this process, constantly increasing compliance regulations and constantly new customer and supplier requirements must be achieved.


We support you

We support medium-sized companies and groups regarding financial management and controlling. Our expertise lies in the knowledge of accounting processes and accounting software applications. The emphasis is on the “and”. The factor of success is our knowledge of processes and their use whether in a complex BI (Business Intelligence) environment a simplification and modernization of old fashioned processes (Process Intelligence) or an implementation of a new financial systems (Financial Intelligence).

Process Intelligence

The efficiency and effectiveness of financial management processes is a prerequisite for data integrity and information availability.

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Business Intelligence

Monitor the corporate strategy in all areas and processes, make an active contribution to the overall picture. This is the goal of BI.

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Financial Intelligence

The challenge is not only to meet the maturity level of a company organization, but to develop it further, to improve it.

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Continuous Accounting

Always ready to provide information, to optimise the period closing, to put the quality of support in your company on a strategic footing.

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Process Intelligence

The basis for Process Intelligence is to increase the handling and processing quality, to establish accuracy and speed in all relevant processes, to document them well, i.e. to give the process sequences the necessary strategic importance. Then changes and structural breaks can be better organized and implemented faster. Only in this way can innovations in finance and accounting be mapped, business operations be promoted, not hindered.

Business Intelligence

Reporting, analyzing and monitoring, many companies are already doing that. But what is the level of maturity? As an isolated solution in the controlling department and as a dashboard for the management or as an information system coordinated with the actions and strategies of the company.
Develop this important building block further.

Financial Intelligence

The office of the CFO, the lynchpin of all activities in every company. All activities, whether the positioning of the goods on the shelf, the quality of customer dialogues, the performance of the solutions, everything lands on an P&L statement line. Yes, the CFO takes “also” care of balance sheet items, the transparency of the liquidity, the proportionality of sector specific KPIs, but always with a focus on the accuracy of the overall picture with a high level of detail. That’s exactly what the CEO, the Management and the department head wants and so do all other employees as well: Financial Intelligence.

Continuous Accounting

From batch accounting to real-time accounting

Permanent Support

To provide data, reports and analyses always up to date.


Not only do legal regulations have to be fulfilled once, continuously control and verification in the relevant processes need to be fulfilled as well.


Permanent optimization and automation of processes in finance and accounting, as in the manufacturing releases people for active control and analysis.

High Data Integrity

High data quality is the basis for efficient and effective accounting. Finding, eliminating and monitoring the causes of quality problems.

Always in closing mode

Away from the selectively complex annual and quarterly financial closing activities. Towards the continuous monthly closing in a fast way.

Intelligent Monitoring

Actions and measures of the control system need to be monitored and checked. The corresponding KPIs must be found and monitored.


We are working with solutions from best of class software providers. Only with experts in the respective field can we create very good solutions for our customers.

Qlik – Business Intelligence

With Qlik as our BI software partner, we found a software provider by which the opportunity of finding quick answers, having a better perspective and receiving better BI results are truly possible.

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Unit4 – Financial Intelligence

In Unit4 Financials – before CODA – the Financial Intelligence is already implemented. The basis of Continuous Accounting. And the fundament for a permanent, structuralized analyse-platform.

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prevero – planning software

What is the point of Financial Intelligence, strategic BI without budget figures? Not much. Therefore, with the manufacturer prevero we have an excellent supplement to complete strategic accounting.

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